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Breathe Better! Improve Air Quality in Your Car (+ COVID tips!)

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Do you think that the air quality in your car is good?

Do you know that because cars take in emissions from the vehicles around you and recirculate them, the pollutants levels are actually higher inside your car?

Imagine breathing in the nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide from the exhaust of other vehicles without you knowing it!

Elevated heart rate, higher blood pressure and increased risk of driver drowsiness are some of the serious health concerns that drivers might get, especially if you spend long periods in the car.

Do you also know that the humidity level in more than 75% of cars drop greatly below the required standards? This can lead to respiratory infections, bacterial breeding and dry skin.

Now to make things worse, if you are a taxi driver or if you are required to drive different passengers, there is a risk of possible Covid-19 infection. As the disease is airborne, you won't know if your passenger is infected. Whilst it is advisable to rub down all areas with a disinfectant before and after each trip, it may not be possible to do it all the time and most probably you will only do so at the end of the day.

In order to help you breathe better and protect your health, we have listed three solutions that you should have ready in your car to make for a much safer interior.

No. 1 Air Purifier

People have air purifiers inside their homes and offices. So why not install one in your car? Count the number of hours you spend in your car each week.

Recommended Air Purifier - Philips GoPure Style Car Air Sanitizer

We highly recommend this one. Even though it is more expensive than some of the other air purifiers out there, there are very good reasons why we chose this. It has been tested and verified of removing 99% of the virus in the air inside the car. That should be enough of a reason to get it!

With its stylish design, quiet operation and the different aromas to choose from, this is a no-brainer.

A must-have for taxi or ride-hailing car drivers.

Click HERE to find out more!

No. 2 Air Humidifier

Improve the humidity level inside your car with the Baseus 75 ml Air Humidifier

Not expensive at all. It has a sleek design that fits into the cup holder. It comes with dual spray mode (continuous or intermittent) and you can also add disinfectant to improve the air quality if you like. This quality-made device is definitely something to have as a permanent fixture inside your car.

Click HERE to find out more!

No. 3 Disinfection Nano Spray Gun

This one is especially useful and compact to bring around. Disinfect your car once a passenger leaves. Renting a car or using mobility vehicles? Spray this in the car with the windows open to disinfect first before starting your ride. Bring this to your home or office to disinfect the different areas. It is very useful and a must-have.

There are so many of these selling online and at very competitive prices too! We have listed some options below so that you can get one at the best deal.

Nano Spray Gun 1 - Click HERE

Nano Spray Gun 2 - Click HERE

Nano Spray Gun 3 - Click HERE

Nano Spray Gun 4 - Click HERE

Nano Spray Gun 5 - Click HERE

Many drivers tend to think that the air in their cars is safe when it is not. We hope that more precaution and care are taken to ensure that you protect yourself, by breathing in cleaner air in your car .

For those whose work involves transporting passengers, these measures must definitely be in place to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection in your vehicle.

Last but not least, lots of respect and kudos to those who are working in the transport sectors during the pandemic, doing their part to serve the society during these challenging times, even when putting themselves at risk.

Take good care and stay safe!

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